The goal of branding isn’t to attract everyone. You are not for everyone, and that is ok. The goal is to attract the RIGHT people that resonate with you and what you stand for. When you start becoming more aligned with your brand and getting clarity on the direction you desire to go in, you will naturally find a falling out of certain types of people.

Why is that?

  • When you evolve, so does your brand.
  • When your brand evolves, you do as well.
Branding is an extension of who we are, it requires us to do a deep dive into what we want, and who we want to help, and it requires inner and outer clarity. And this isn’t a one-stop shop, you need to STEER your brand; otherwise, it will grow stagnant. This isn’t some woo-woo mystical feel-good thought on branding, but rather what defines the difference between mediocre brands versus ones that people are set on fire for.
The greater your awareness of self, the more aligned you will become. And furthermore, the more you refine your skills to communicate this alignment, the better your marketing/brand message will be, and natural and intuitive sales will become.
  • You can have the right message and the wrong clientele you are trying to reach and not realize this.
  • You can have the wrong message and the right clientele.
  • You can also get lucky for a little bit until the luck wears off and the reality of a weakly constructed brand wreaks havoc all over your business.
You will never know how to hit the right frequency your ideal clients need to hear that will resonate with them if you don’t understand YOURSELF and OTHERS.
Awareness of:
  • Your skillset
  • Your strengths & weaknesses
  • Purpose/mission/vision/values
  • Your goals
  • Of the Market

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