Most of us photographers are eager to learn how to create a better shot or refine our skills in some way, shape, or form. However, when it comes to the conversational aspect of selling yourself…that’s where things get sticky. Understanding how to respond to clients and do so in a way that guides them through your funnel is KEY.  To help photographers leverage their businesses we’ve provided and example of a wedding photography inquiry response script for you to get started. 

So what is an inquiry response script? An inquiry response script is a pre-written set of responses to common customer inquiries. It is used by customer service representatives to quickly and consistently respond to customer questions and concerns. It is often used in call centers and other customer service environments to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and efficient handling of customer interactions. Using a response script isn’t a new thing…but HOW you use it is KEY. 

Not everyone understand how to take a response script and customize it their brand and who they are as a person. 

Not to worry! We have provided a wedding inquiry script to get you started!

Something to take note of is this…look beyond the exact wording and look at WHY it works. This script is meant for you to build off of and brand it to YOU. If you aren’t doing this…then you aren’t using the script as it should be.


When a wedding couple inquires…do you ever feel you are: 

  • Winging it
  • Sending pricing PDF’s
  • Getting price shopped
  • Ghosted


In this video you’ll learn:

  • What to say and send to the couple
  • A review of why it works
  • Where you can find more tips like this


Wedding Photography Inquiry Script Video Below



Here is an additional bonus tip for crafting a wedding photography inquiry script utilizing words that match your brand: 

Do you have a hard time finding the right words? I highly recommend utilizing the power of AI ChatGPT is such a game changer in the industry.



  • It is based on human psychology, and tailored to our specific niche in weddings
  • It helps create a call to action without being salsey or pushy
  • If your dates aren’t actually “filling up” remember that there are only so many slots that you offer…therefore if you have few slots that are available for this…then slots are truly filling up. Remember your time isn’t endless. There is indeed scarcity in time regardless of where you are in your business.

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