Wedding Lead Machine Accelerator Student Results 

Inspiration For Your Sunday! Meet Wedding Photographers Ashley & Peter – $155,000 In Less Than A Year. Read Post


Meet Ashley & Peter!
Our wedding photography & filmmaking students from Brightsight Visuals, just went from quitting their jobs… to breaking $155k their FIRST YEAR FULL TIME.
  • Elevating their brand – Visually & non-visually to attract a very specific higher end client willing to pay $5,000 to $10,000+ per wedding package


  • Refining their sales process – Stop posting your prices on your website or emailing a pricing guide to couples to inquire. You must elevate your “wedding consultation process” so couples can see your true value.


  • Marketing Funnels – Easiest way to turn strangers into raving fans at scale


  • Meta & Instagram Ads – This is a cheat code in the wedding industry because we can get in front of newly engaged couples DIRECTLY.


  • Diversified lead generation – You don’t want all of your leads to come from one basket though. Create a LEAD GENERATION TRIO – ADS, VENDOR REFERRALS, & SEO.


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P.S. Fall/Winter booking season is here! Who needs more bookings for 2023? Or to charge high ticket prices?
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