Scaling To 6-Figures Is Actually… VERY SIMPLE.

I’m going to let you on a little secret. The truth is…scaling your business to 6-figures is actually very easy and can be acquired by ANYONE.
Many years ago Crystal Correces and I built a 6-figure wedding photography business.
Then from 2019 – 2021, our current company sold over $1.31 million dollars in revenue.
You would think that our lives and strategies we’re incredibly hectic and chaotic, but I promise you…
It was the exact opposite.
Here are a few simple truths on what it ACTUALLY takes to reach these milestones, and by the time you have finished reading this post, you will understand that scaling your business to 6-figures is possible for ANYONE.

The 3 Simple Truths To 6-Figures:

  • You must have a STRONG engrained belief that you deserve more. A study was done on some of the characteristics of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. This was one of the main characteristics every single one of them had that propelled their motivation and actions forward. They KNEW they deserved more in this life! If you do not believe this you will always have a “one foot in, one foot out mentality.” You are worth MORE than what you have. Go and take it!


  • Impulse Control: When Crystal and I hit our first 6-figures to even our first multiple 6-figures this was our SECRET. We did the same thing every single day for a long period of time. We spent many BORING hours learning and testing. We spent many BORING hours implementing and refining the same strategies we found worked over and over and over again until it built a compound effect. Many BORING hours improving our product & brand to outshine competitors. We sacrificed time with friends, fun distractions, where we lived, what we bought, and where our time is spent because we understood our greater vision in the long-term! If you do not have the IMPULSE CONTROL to do the necessary BORING WORK for a long period of time (finishing a course, testing, failing, learning, boring technical work), how can you expect to scale to 6-figures? Believing you deserve something more is the spark, but IMPULSE CONTROL is the engine. This characteristic was also found in the top entrepreneurs in our history. Can you do the same thing everyday for long period of time until you get the results you want?


  • Keep It Simple: The business strategies that scale are surprisingly SIMPLE (not saying it’s easy, but simple). We have been sticking to the same timeless business foundations for years and years. When we fail it’s easy to be tempted, get shiny object syndrome, and look for the next fancy tactics, but when you understand human nature you will understand the customer journey is extremely predictable. Study your ideal clients, think about the customer journey as you refine your funnels, and scale with simplicity.
  • Believe you deserve more
  • Impulse control
  • Scaling with Simplicity
6-Figures IS SIMPLER thank you think and YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. Don’t let anything hold you back as you push your business forward 2023-2024! We’re proud of the amazing results we’ve seen and the many more to come!
Don’t believe this is true? You can stay a doubter or join those who are actually making transformational change in their lives.
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