What is Wedding Photography Brand Position? 

Wedding photography brand positioning includes the style of photography, the target market, and the overall image and reputation of the business. Google puts it like this: “Brand positioning refers to the unique value that a brand presents to its customer. It is a marketing strategy brands create to establish their brand identity while conveying their value proposition, which is the reason why a customer would prefer their brand over others.”

In this video we get to hear Nathan Holritz, CEO of Bokeh Podcast share about his expertise on brand positioning and his top tips in creating a thriving wedding photography business. In this video we learn about his journey from the beginning and what he did to arrive at a brand that helped him build the Photographers Edit and Bokeh Podcast! Finding your wedding photography brand position is a journey and he shares how he evolved his love for photography into building his empire!

What we cover in this podcast on wedding photography brand positioning:

  • What his journey looked like into Wedding Photography
  • Hear about his Process of Building Photographers Edit
  • What Motivated him to Create Bokeh Podcast
  • Noobie Podcast & Conference
  • Some of His biggest Struggles
  • Why you should Address Finance Management now
  • Nathans Key Strategies for Success with His Business
  • Value of Creating Brand Position: Distinguish Yourself

If you are looking to improve your brand position, and non-visual component of your wedding photography business check out our free community & course we’ve just launched to help more people like you! In this we go over branding and sales while giving the opportunity to work with our branding coach!

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Understanding what brand positioning is the first step into the multi layers of branding. Don’t get stuck here, join our community where we go in-depth on wedding photography branding! If you want to refine this for yourself and create wedding photography brand positioning that truly stands out….then let’s meet! Join below!