What makes you stand apart as a wedding photographer goes beyond your art style. And while a quality product is important…that’s not the only factor that comes into play in business. What makes you stand apart is the customer EXPERIENCE.
The pillars to the customer experience are found in the non-visual aspects of branding:
  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Mission/Vision
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Story
Without these building blocks in your business, you won’t stand out. Without these building blocks CLARIFIED and brought to LIFE in your business, then there is a lack of ALIGNMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS.
This is easily picked out by the consumer as inauthentic, and not trustworthy. Therefore… they likely won’t do business with you.
That in combination with understanding DEEPLY who your ideal client is where the magic happens.
You will suddenly see how it all dances together with the visual aspects of branding and the customer journey. You will suddenly truly understand how your business can stand out in a way that is TRUE TO YOU.
If this is an area you are stuck… or maybe you have it written out, but it still needs refinement and maybe needs life pumped into it. Check out our WLMA course. 
Almost everyone who has been on a call with me who’s told me they’ve done this already has found new meaning in it. It’s no longer words on a page, it’s a living and breathing brand. And this starts with the small things.
Creating alignment in your wedding photography/filmmaking business starts with the nonvisual aspects of branding.