Comfortable & Aesthetic Footwear For Wedding Photographers


If there is anything I’ve learned as a wedding photographer and Nurse is you stand for a very, very, very long time. Over time this can cause leg cramping, varicose veins, blisters, and overall fatigue & exhaustion.  Here are some shoes that are both comfortable & aesthetic footwear for wedding photographers that you should buy!



Comfortable & Aesthetic Footwear For Wedding Photographers – Womens Edition


1. Roths Footwear




2. Allbirds -Women’s Tree Breezers



3. Birdies -The Swift



4.Chuck Taylor – All Star Lugged Winter 2.0




5. Nisolo – Women’s Huarache Sandal



6. Cole Haan – Generation Zerogrand II Sneakers




7. Birdies – The Heron



Each of these brands have additional styles, colors, and looks! You don’t have to compromise aesthetic for comfort when you can have both! The more refined you look at a wedding, you create an image of a high-level wedding photographer. People judge the outside, why not get that bigger edge on making sure you come looking fully presentable and even memorable with your look?