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who we are

We are a team of 6-Figure wedding photographers on a mission to help wedding photographers who desire to create freedom, with their time, money, and energy through our 6-figure blueprints. We cut straight through the industry noise and give you the most important elements you need to run a 6-figure business in income, time, and energy. We understand what it's like to be frustrated and want to live a balanced life.

We Exist Not Merely To Teach, But To Transform And Awaken The Entrepreneurial Spirit Within Each Creative, Guiding Them Towards Financial Freedom, Business Success, And Personal Fulfillment.

Intentionally led | STORY-DRIVEN Business

Our Approach To Business


With a relentless spirit and mindset toward innovation, we are constantly seeking new and creative ways to inspire, educate, and empower photographers. 


We are dedicated to helping photographers discover their unique strengths and talents. Our course and coaching go beyond the technical of business bringing a multi-dimensional and personal approach to business. 


We believe in the power of intention to shape and mold our lives. Woven within the very fabric of the wedding process we strive to inspire wedding photographers to create a business that is meaningful, impactful, and delivers quality to everyone they work with.


Best Results From The Best Team

Jordan Correces


Crystal Correces


Aidan Meadows

WLMA Coach


Our journey into creating the WLMA started off as an idea that quickly caught fire because of the level of results we were bringing other wedding photographers. With tons of trial, and error, experimentation– we continuously evolve our methods and strategies to help other wedding photographers have timeless success. 

We believe in execution over perfection. If we wait until everything is perfect, time will rob us of our opportunities. Because time is fleeting, and the resources of time and energy are limited, we provide our students with the quickest route to skyrocket their success in their time, money, and energy.  This helps bridge the stepping stones to creating sustainable wealth in their lives holistically.  Want to get to know us better? Follow us on our Instagram, you’ll find we are normal everyday people who are on a mission to make both our lives and yours better…

CEO & Cofounders of the WLMA