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"I really appreciate how you took the time to understand what I'm aiming for and helped me find that clarity I was searching for. It's such a relief to have a clearer direction now, and I'm Genuinely excited to move forward with these new ideas."

- Bozena

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Create meaningful connections, get high-level support

Done-For-You Ads

We want to help get you results as soon as possible. As you learn how to master your ads, we help you launch your first split test, write your ad copy, and give you the step-by-step on launching your first campaign.

Self-Paced Online Course

Full stack business education. This self-paced course allows you to work at your speed, all while providing you with coaching and community support to meet you at your level of business.

Weekly Group Coaching

Our course is only one pillar we offer. Coaching is where the magic of integration happens depending on your needs and business level.

Like-Minded Community

Get connected with a like-minded community of wedding photographers who know what it's like to move through business. Network, connect, and forge meaningful friendships.


Yearly mastermind events both in person and virtual. Providing you with opporutnites to connect with other photographers, learn, and evolve in both your art and business .

Personalized 1-1 Coaching

Transformational coaching that meets you where you are. Helping you map out a plan that will help you break down your business plan into actionable steps.

Connect with a Like-Minded Community Of Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers

Sift through the industry noise

WLMA Program Curriculum

As you progress, you’ll start understanding the core business pillars that’ll allow you to be in the driver’s seat of your business. 

Our goal is for you to sift through the industry noise and learn how to make business decisions that get your results and align with your business purpose, mission, and values. 

Understanding the difference between traveling in fast car, or even an airplane is different than traveling by jet. 

When scaling your business into the 6-figures the skills and tools you’ll need to get there look different. We give you the tools and blue prints to get there. 

Online Course Launch Mockup Instagram Post 2

"Ringthebell Just Booked My Ultimate Biggest Wedding Deal $9500. We Finished The Album Viewing In The Morning And The Groom Got Back To Me In The Afternoon To Confirm, And We Signed The Contract The Same Night! This Was From A Campaign I Did Like Three Months Ago, Which I Didn't Even Expect He Will Come Back! So Be Patient, Good Things Will Come!"

-Sasha Chou



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