7 Ways To Generate Wedding Photography Leads Organically


The wedding industry is growing every year, and that means more people are getting married. The average cost of a wedding has been rising steadily over the past few years as well. So if you’re looking to generate wedding photography leads organically, here are some ideas for how to do it:

Create a wedding lead generation website via SEO

  • Create a wedding lead generation website via SEO.
  • Optimize your website for search engines by including keywords in both the title and description of each page on your site, as well as using them in headings and text copy throughout the site. You can also optimize images by naming them with relevant keywords, which will make them appear more prominently in image searches (e.g., “wedding photography” vs “photo of bride”). Additionally, include relevant meta tags at the top of each page so that search engines know what type of content you’re providing (this can be done automatically via WordPress). Finally, use relevant URLs–they should all contain key phrases related to what users might be looking for when searching online!


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Reach out to the local community

  • Reach out to the local community.
  • Work with local businesses.
  • Ask for referrals from friends, family and colleagues.
  • Join a networking group that’s relevant to your industry or field of work (e.g., if you’re a photographer, join a photography club).

Get involved with your clients’ social media networks

When you’re not working with a client, there are plenty of ways to use social media to generate leads.

  • Use your clients’ networks. If you’ve built a relationship with your client and they trust you, they will likely share your work on their social media accounts and recommend it to others. This can be an effective way of getting new clients without having to spend any money or time on advertising.
  • Promote other photographers and businesses on your own accounts in exchange for them doing the same for yours (this is called “sharing” or “cross-promoting”). In addition, if there’s something important happening in your area–such as a charity fundraiser–you should try posting about it on Facebook so that people will see it in their feeds and learn about what’s going on locally!


Offer free prints for referrals

Offering free prints for referrals is a great way to generate wedding photography leads organically.

You can give away prints in exchange for referrals in a couple of ways:

  • Offer a free 8×10 print to anyone who refers business to you. This can be done with any of your products or services–not just weddings! For example, if someone refers a friend who hires your company to design their website, then that person gets an 8×10 print as thanks; if they refer two clients and both sign up with you, then they get two 8x10s (or however many). You can also offer similar rewards if someone recommends a colleague or friend who ends up hiring your services through word-of-mouth marketing efforts on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Create an entire referral program around wedding photography so people have an incentive beyond just getting free stuff! If someone refers three potential clients during their lifetime as part of this program (for example), then they’ll receive 10% off all future purchases from [your company].


Become a guest speaker at a bridal show, seminar or workshop

Attending a bridal show, seminar or workshop is one of the best ways to get your name out there and build your brand. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can meet potential clients face-to-face. The people who attend these events are looking for photographers, so it’s easy to make connections with them if you’re there in person.
  • You’ll be able to tell them about your services in person rather than just through email or phone calls (which many people find impersonal). For example, if someone asks you what kind of wedding packages you offer, you can explain them right then and there instead of having to send an email later on explaining everything when they might not even read it! They’ll also be able to see how passionate about photography that you are by how much time spent talking about it!






Develop an email marketing campaign that will work for you

Email marketing is a great way to generate leads. If you’re not using it for your photography business, then you should be! An email campaign is basically a series of emails that you send out over time to your audience. These emails are designed to help you connect with your audience and get them interested in what you have to offer–in other words, they’re like little mini-marketing projects all on their own.

The first step toward creating an effective email marketing campaign is developing the right strategy for reaching out to potential clients. The most important thing here is having a clear idea about what kind of content works best for each individual recipient: if someone signs up for an introductory offer from one client but receives nothing but promotional offers from another client (even though both belong to the same industry), then chances are good that person will unsubscribe from further communication with either company because he or she feels overwhelmed by too many messages at once! We’ll talk more about this later on.



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Create an affiliate program that brings in new business for you and your affiliates

An affiliate program is a great way to generate new business for your photography business, and it can be done in a few simple steps.

First, create an affiliate manager account on one of the many affiliate management platforms available online. You’ll have access to all the tools you need to manage your affiliates and track their activity in real time (such as sales conversions).

Next, find other businesses that offer products or services related to yours–for example: wedding photographers who also sell wedding albums; bridesmaid dresses from local dress shops; bakeries that make cake pops for weddings; etc. These types of businesses are perfect candidates for becoming affiliates because they’re already familiar with your industry! Reach out via email or social media and let them know about the opportunity you’ve created for them by offering them a percentage off every sale made through their own website/storefront after someone clicks on an active link provided by yours (the “affiliate URL”).

When you generate your own wedding photography leads, it will save you money and get more couples working with you!


When you generate your own wedding photography leads, it will save you money and get more couples working with you!

It’s a lot cheaper than paying for advertising. You can focus on the leads that are a good fit for your business, rather than spending time on ones that aren’t. Also, if something goes wrong (like getting banned from Facebook), then it won’t affect your business as much because they were organically generated by YOU!

If you’re looking to generate wedding photography leads organically, there are plenty of ways to do so. You just have to be creative and willing to put in the time and effort required for each method. If you follow these tips, we guarantee that your business will see an increase in new clients!