5 Podcasts To Listen To While Photo Editing

Here are some great podcasts to listen to while photo editing. Our work flows don’t have to be monotomous or boring, try sprucing up your workflows with a combo of business podcasts, art podcasts, and just pure entertainment! I don’t know about you but I love listening to podcasts because it helps me keep sharp, on top of cutting edge content, and helps me save time learning. There are day I just don’t have the energy to read, but I can always pop an airpod in my ear and listen to a range of content that is either education or entertaining. I probably could easily list 10 podcasts I love, but to keep things simple and short and to get you started here are podcasts to listen to while photo editing!

Podcasts To Listen To While Photo Editing



“Photography podcasts are boring. Wedding podcasts are too. And guess what, wedding photography podcasts are doubly boring. So, if you’re here we can only assume it’s because you’re tired of being bored. So tap that play button below and listen to our most recent episode while you recuperate from the last wedding you shot.”

2.  The Genius Life Podcast


“A top health and wellness podcast with 30 million downloads and counting”


3. Lets Not Meet podcast


“True horror stories written by those that made it out alive. First person accounts narrated and produced by Andrew Tate in an anthology of terror and suspense. To hear your story on the show, send it to letsnotmeetstories@gmail.com”

4. The MindValley Podcast


“Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. The Mindvalley podcast brings the best minds under one roof to discuss powerful ideas in personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work. Get results that stick”



Welcome to The Bokeh Photography Podcast, where we help photographers build sustainable businesses! Hosted by Nathan Holritz.