If you want to elevate your styling skills, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive styling kit on hand for weddings. Having a variety of props at your disposal allows you to create dynamic flat lay images and beautiful detail shots, regardless of what your clients provide. To help you get started, here are the five essential items that should be in every wedding photographer’s styling kit, along with the best places to purchase them.

  1. RING BOXES: The best place to find ring boxes is The Mrs. Box. They have a wide range of beautiful colors in three different sizes and two shapes to choose from. Start with a single box for styling the engagement ring and a double box for the wedding bands, and opt for neutral colors to keep your investment low.
  2. RIBBON: For high-quality ribbon, look no further than Silk + Willow. Their ribbon doesn’t fray like some other options, and the rich colors are beautiful. Stick with neutral colors to keep it versatile for most weddings.
  3. STYLING MATS: JRD Art Shop and Chasing Stone both offer roll-up styling mats that are easy to transport to both local and destination weddings. Chasing Stone also sells a linen tote bag to carry your mats.
  4. VINTAGE STAMPS: Vintage stamps are a great way to add a unique touch to your images. They can be used to create interesting backgrounds or to add a personal touch to detail shots.
  5. FLOWERS/GREENERY: Faux or dried flowers and greenery are a great way to add a pop of color to your images. They can be used to create interesting backgrounds or to add a touch of nature to detail shots.

Remember that these are just a starting point and there are many other great props you can include in your styling kit, such as ring dishes, but these five items will help you create the foundation of your styling kit.