WLMA – The Golden Trifecta To A Thriving Wedding Photography Business

There are 3 things every entrepreneur and wedding photographer/Filmmaker needs to build success in their business.
Do you have all 3? Keep reading and we shall see.

1) Product and Brand

You may have a killer mindset, and you may know all the strategies you need in the world, but if your wedding photography & service is not good, you will have difficulty getting in enough leads and difficulty closing sales even with the best strategies in hand.
The thing about photography… it’s visual, the prospect must also SEE your worth. Then if your brand does not reel in the right clients and is consistent, you will hit plateaus, and find difficulty scaling. If you are finding that your PRODUCT & BRAND is lacking, TAKE A STEP BACK, REFLECT AND MEDITATE ON THIS.
Listen to constructive criticism. What needs to be improved? How can I improve it? Want some great book recommendations to improve your work? Comment and I’ll send you some recommendations.

2) Mindset

  • Scarcity mindset
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Self sabotage
  • Short lived motivation
  • Risk averse
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • A lot of learning and seeking coaching, yet lacking implementation
  • Looking for easy short cuts, finding the negative in most things
  • Giving up as soon as it gets hard or when you get rejected
  • Bad habits get in the way of progress?
My mentor once told me, “We don’t have business problems… we have personal problems…”
Meaning… many might have the product/brand and we may have the strategies needed to push that product forward… but… WE GET IN OUR OWN WAY.
If you find that you are lacking in this area, this can be more difficult to fix that even our product because this is engrained deep in our habits. Many in life choose not to be aware of it or make choices to fit it. What will you do? Want tome books to help yo win this area? Comment and I’ll send you some.

3) Business Strategies

What we teach in the WLMA Program.
How to generate leads on demand.
How to nurture that attention into raving fans.
How to do consultations to book high ticket weddings more consistently.
KEY to quick growth and endurance in your business… It is the map and vehicle to a businesses success, but without both MINDSET and an AMAZING PRODUCT as the driver…
You will not get very far.
These are the 3 Pillars Everyday wedding photographer and filmmaker needs to create a business wit brand longevity, and that produces leads consistency.

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