I’m going to share how we get our WLMA students results. You’ll see all kinds of content out there on how to get leads for wedding photographers. So much of it is overcomplicated, unclear, and doesn’t get good results. Why is that? Because anyone can run a facebook ad.

Anyone can run a Facebook Ad, but not everyone can run a successful Campaign.

Anyone can set up an ads campaign page and hit the button to run an ad, this doesn’t mean that they will get results. It takes more than just that. There are no gimmicks, get-rich-quick strategies, or shortcuts… what I will show you will take work, practice, and data collection. There are many things that come into play that help an ad campaign run well. There is good branding, good work that hits the industry standard, it’s also important to have a message that capture the eye of your ideal audience.

Stay tuned to the blogs we are posting, you’ll see a series of how to cover all the angles involved to creating a strong brand, Ad, and business.

Watch this video on how to run successful facebook ads as a wedding photographer:

Learn how to have effective FB Ad targeting to get more leads

In this video I go over:

  • The best FB targeting template for wedding professionals
  • The funnel you need to convert Facebook leads into booked weddings
  • My favorite copywriting books so you can create Facebook ad offers that convert
  • More exciting free resources at the end

By the end of the video you should be able to take these 3 FB ad targeting tips for running your FB ad and implement it today!

By: Crystal & Jordan Correces