13 Movies That Are Easy To Watch While Photo Editing

Photo Editing can get overwhelming, tiresome, and monotonous when you are doing it hours on end. I don’t know about you but to spruce up my editing flows I either take some time to switch around editing outdoors, listening to music or a podcast, or put on an easy to follow movie.

Creative entrepreneurs often forget that the creativity of our work doesn’t have to stop on our ART but also can seep into our workflows, and workspace. Why not make the entire process fun? Below I list 13 movies that are easy to watch while photo editing! I have a ton more to choose from and will do another post on some top movies! These aren’t listed in any particular order or preference…just movies I’ve either seen and found it easy to watch or it was ranked by others as some easy background to listen to.

Movies That Are Easy To Watch & Youtube Trailers Of Each

Below is a list with a Youtube Movie Trailer on each to help you decide what you are in the mood to watch.

1. War

2. GhostBusters

3. This is 40

4. Vacation

5. The Boat That Rocked

6. Notting Hill

7. Lego Movie 

8. The Goonies

9. Oceans 11

10. Mean Girls

11. Jumanji (original)

12. Fantastic Beasts

13. Forest Gump

Switching up what keeps you company while editing can make the lengthy time frames can keep things fresh, interesting, and help you keep away from falling into a slump. My list of easy watching is more like 50-100, do you. have a list of 13 Movies that are easy to watch while photo editing.

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