How to become a high-level wedding photographer

Entrepreneurs are The ATHLETES of decision making. As wedding photographers, Filmmakers we aren’t just artists… we are entrepreneurs. Yet so many of us operate from a poor artist mindset and not a high-level Entrepreneur mindset. This isn’t about getting rich, but creating a sustainable business that helps you create the lifestyle you desire with your time, money, and energy. 

So how can you create a thriving wedding photography business?
Answer: being a high-level decision maker.
This is LITERALLY what entrepreneurship consists of, even as a wedding professional.
  • Solving a problem or filling a desire in the world (your art)
  • High-level decision-making and problem-solving to optimize revenue, brand, and customer experience
  • The higher level of decision maker you are… the more profit you see come in through the business
It seems so simple, but high-level decision-making is VERY far from common sense.
Which is why:
  • 90% of start-ups fail
  • Why the biggest corporations pay CEOs a lot of $$$ purely to make the best decisions
Are you a high-level decision-maker?
How can you optimize your life to set yourself up for success? It happens with refining your critical thinking skills, and weighing each decision through the lens of primarysecondary, and tertiary consequences to each choice you make.
And how it has a rippling impact on other parts of the business and life. Not just NOW… but even months or years down the road.
You are NOT just an artist. You ARE an entrepreneur.
In order to become a high-level wedding photographer, filmmaker, or wedding pro you must learn how to create elite decision making skills. And just as a pro ATHLETE sacrifices it all to prepare their body for the biggest fight of their life.
So should you prepare your MIND to be the best DECISION-MAKER & PROBLEM-SOLVER that you have the potential to be.

Want to learn more on what it takes to create a thriving wedding photography business?

Check out this video below on how to have a simple business philosophy to scale your business into the 6-figures, and attain wedding business mastery.