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Welcome to WLMA! We’re a business, branding, and mindset mastermind, here to help wedding photographers and filmmakers like you scale their business. 

We’ll guide you in building a magnetic brand, becoming a local market authority, and mastering authentic sales.

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For The Relentlessly Ambitious & Committed Wedding Photographer Who Wants To create Freedom in time, money, and energy


Transformational business, branding, & mindset coaching that is personalized to each wedding photographer’s knowledge base. 

Group Coaching: 

Weekly Q&As covering topics you need the most help with.

1-1 Coaching:

Personalized, goal-oriented meeting you where you are at to be a catalyst to where you are going. We cover anything from customer journey flows, workflows, and mindset, to creating an associate business.

Yearly Workshops:  

Learn from the best, there is a combo of both the WLMA team and student-led workshops providing you with constant value.

A collaborative community of high-level creatives that help each other reach new heights.

In our private community portal & FB, you can ask specific questions about how other people are personalizing their flows.

It’s truly one of the best communities out there!

How we work

Our 6-figure success formula

The WLMA program offers a well-rounded way to learn and grow. It’s a mix of moving through a course, getting personalized coaching, and being part of an awesome community that helps boost businesses into six figures and beyond.

Our approach is tailored, goal-oriented, and focused on results, aiming to help you succeed. We’re here to help you build authentic, value-driven businesses that give you more time, energy, and freedom.

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What our students are saying about our program


Doug Kendall

#ringthebell We just booked our 30th wedding for 2023! Before WLMA the most we had done in a year was 14 & most were small budgets. In our first year in WLMA we booked 24 weddings & almost broke 6-figures! This year we are officially at 30 weddings, we’ve had multiple 5-figure months and we are well over 6 figures! We are so excited! This works guys! Do the work! Jordan & Crystal are life changing mentors & Aidan is king of making your ads kill! We are only going up from here! Stay laser focused! You’ve got this!

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Charlene Ford

We all know Branding is the foundation to our business, authentic branding, not what someone tells you what your brand should be! Trying to fit into a brand that is NOT authentic, will leave you questioning everything about your business. I know it did for me! Years of trying to fit into the Brand that was designed for me was exhausting! THANK YOU Crystal Correces for helping me, go from a brand that had absolutely nothing to do with me, to my true authentic brand for BOTH businesses. I love the support that the ” real ” WLMA team is is giving! Crystal is going above and beyond to not only help me rebrand, but basically starting from scratch with MY brands !


Tom Russo

I wanted to let you know that in January we broke $100k in one month! $116,964. 33 to be exact. Hard work paid off! Finally accomplished that goal, next is $500k in 1 year. I have met some amazing people from the course and I credit my success to the WLMA, it’s people, and the experience of it. 

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